Sarah Waite Chase is an artist located in Richmond, CA.  Her work of paintings and illustrations are inspired by gardens, pollinators, coastal landscapes and magical creatures.

Sarah also loves to grow plants for pollinators especially butterflies and hummingbirds. Her studio is outside most of year and her garden is an ever changing still life of flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and sleeping dogs.

Her art practice is focused on exploring a connection with nature. Creating outside is a way to connect to another world, the one that lives in hearts and dreams. She makes art to share joy and inspire an appreciation of nature.

Featured Work

Mystic Mermaid

I was wondering if different species communicate with each other. This mermaid and hummingbird are having a conversation....

Original is 16" x 16" acrylic paint on wood panel.

Metal, Canvas and paper prints are for sale click  here