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Recent Work

The most recent series is called Spirit Fields. Inspired by day dreams and meditation about other planes of consciousness and energy fields. I have been working on a series of spaces seen and unseen. I dream in color and when I cannot quiet my mind to meditate I focus on color. No words just color. We feel energy but what if we could also see it...

Spirit Fields

There are prints for sale in the shop and at GeoGalleries

If you are looking for something custom please contact me here

My studio is outside most of year and I draw butterflies, and hummingbirds that visit the garden. During the pandemic I planted way too many flowers including the host plant for the gulf fritillary butterfly, passion flower.  This year the garden is teeming with life birds, bees, butterflies, and caterpillars. Watching this life cycle and the emergence of the butterfly from the chrysalis is an amazing transformation.

Rainbows and Gardens

Ocean Dreams

Owls and Opsrey

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