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Who, What and Where...

Sarah Waite Chase is an artist located in Richmond, CA. Wanting to capture the color of her dreams her work uses lots of saturated colors. Her art is everyday life, day dreams, and starry nights. Her illustrations and paintings have lots of butterflies, landscapes, birds and animals both real and imaginary.



I grow plants and flowers for hummingbirds and butterflies. They visit the yard and I watch them fly around, take way too many photos and draw them. Nectar flowers are fun to grow and draw. My garden planting style is to fill the backyard with flower color.

I like to paint the art of everyday life,  day dreams, and starry nights. This includes the butterflies and hummingbirds in the yard and flowers they visit. Dogs also fill everyday life and propel this journey forward. Building a relationship with dogs has stirred a fascination with animals and their relationship with this wild world.

How it started...

I grew up in New Jersey in a very creative household.  My father was an artist and my mom is an avid gardener. During my childhood my parents built an art studio, green house and grew lots of summer vegetables. DIY was a way of life.

Creating makes me feel joy and thanks for letting me share it with you.  Check out the shop for original paintings and archival prints on canvas and paper. I hope these art objects become part of your everyday life and make it special. 

Interested in growing plants for pollinators - check out this pdf for some resources.

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