Who, What and Where...

Sarah Waite Chase is an artist and nature lover located in Richmond, CA.  Her work of paintings and illustrations are inspired by gardens, pollinators, coastal landscapes and magical creatures.


Nature is a place where I find comfort from the wild world out there. It was after my father died that I started gardening. Many of the plants I wanted to grow died but some of them surprised me and grew like magic. I started with succulents and then flowers and now pollinator gardens. It has been healing to accept the life and death of plants.

In reflection of life I started painting flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds that would visit the garden. During this time I was also thinking about planes of consciousness and energy fields. I have been working on a series of world that may not be visible to the naked eye. A world where there is so much beautiful color and there are magical creatures including unicorns and mermaids. This world is an expression of the beauty in I see in nature.

How it started...

I grew up in New Jersey in a very creative household.  My father was an artist and my mom is an avid gardener. During my childhood my parents built an art studio, green house and grew lots of summer vegetables. DIY was a way of life.

Creating makes me feel joy and thanks for letting me share it with you.  Check out the shop for original paintings and archival prints on canvas and paper. I hope these art objects become part of your everyday life and make it special.