Who, What and Where...

Located in Richmond, CA. I love to paint, draw, and garden for pollinators. My studio is outside most of year and I feel closer to nature when creating outside. The garden is an ever changing still life of flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and sleeping dogs.


I plant flowers for butterflies and hummingbirds. My current favorites are  Marigold ‘Day of the Dead Golden Yellow’ “Cempazuchitl”, Arctotis ‘Ultra Violet’ and Zinnias".


Lately I have been thinking about unicorns and how they appear throughout history in different cultures. One story of the unicorn is that it appears at dawn wipe away to darkness and cleanse the water with its horn. I see the unicorn as a symbol of hope.

During the pandemic I found comfort by drawing on paper. I started drawing flowers in my garden, and then some favorite birds. I drew the smoke from the fires, owls, osprey and unicorns.  I make art seeking to connect to another world, the one that lives in hearts and dreams. I want to convey the feeling I have when in the company of birds, butterflies, and my dogs Bug and Willa.

How it started...

I grew up in New Jersey in a very creative household.  My father was an artist and my mom is an avid gardener. During my childhood my parents built an art studio, green house and grew lots of summer vegetables. DIY was a way of life.

Creating makes me feel joy and thanks for letting me share it with you.  Check out the shop for original paintings and archival prints on canvas and paper. I hope these art objects become part of your everyday life and make it special.