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To the Moon and Stars...

It has been a while since I last posted and while I have been making more work I have not been ready to talk about it. We lost our little angel Lulu Belle at the beginning of this year to cancer. I will always miss her. She was my best friend, my muse, and my angel. She was also my first dog that I adopted as an adult and my first pitbull. She has been the subject for many paintings including this one called "When We Were Balloons"

Dogs teach us to live in the moment and to be present where we are –not in the past or worrying about the future. She gave us many gifts and most of all she brought us this special guy who has helped us get through this, Mr Bug. He has been an amazing help by making me laugh with his goofy stunts and painting his portrait.

I used to say to to Lulu all the time I love you to moon and stars and back again and back again... til we meet again my friend

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